A downloadable Orpheus Quest for Windows

The ludic experience "Orpheus Quest" is a music rhythm game, which narrative axis is based on the myth of Orpheus.

Players use a lyre-shaped game controller with laser cords to simulate being the player character Orpheus shown on the Graphical Interface. Players match the notes that will scroll on-screen to by touching or strumming the laser cords with their fingers or a star shaped guitar pick or plectrum, in order to score points and Orpheus achieves leave unharmed from hells by soften the heart of the evil beasts. The screen is divided in two in horizontal axis. On the bottom half, the strings and notes are displayed. On the top half there is Orpheus facing kawaii beasts of excessive proportions and tenderly frightening.

The visual style of the experience integrates elements of old designs with modern iconic forms. It incorporates curves and soft shapes with other straight and orthogonal forms to achieve by disruptiveness, an updated modern and captivating vision of the myth. The aesthetic proposal is based on the glam of the 80 is a bit punk, pop, cute and very colorful.

In this prototype there is no level design and is just a rough and a first approach of the functionality of the interaction between the laser strings and the GUI. Soon it will be develop the game design levels and the scoring system. Also we are developing a feature with the ability to mark percussion beats, by tapping the sound box of the lyre

Gameplay without Lyre: press keys → a, s, d, f,g in order to interact with the notes on screen

Video Gameplay

Install instructions

How to play

1) If you don´t have already installed Unity 4.6.8, please download it from this link: https://unity3d.com/es/get-unity/download/archive

2)Download and extract files from the provided zip folder: "OrpheusQuest_3", and follow this path:

Go inside the folder OrpheusQuest_3 → OrpheusQuest_3 → Builds → OrpheusQuest → run OrpheusQuest01.exe

3) Click on Play button and the Gameplay (without laser Lyre) works pressing keys → "a, s, d, f,g" in order to interact with the notes on screen.


OrpheusQuest.rar 10 MB

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